Thursday, March 21, 2019

Reference My Account > Allow a Common Table Header on Order History and Returns Item List


By default, Reference My Account - Order History & Returns repeats its header (Order Date, Order Total, Order Number and Status) to every item shown on the list. This article will guide users to provide a common header on the Item List.

  1. Copy the order_history.txt file from Reference My Account folder to Custom My Account > Templates Folder.
  2. Refer to the Help Center article "Deploying SSP Application Touch Points" for the steps on how to deploy the Custom Checkout SSP Application.
  1. Edit order.txt and the header is called by these declarations:

    Create a TABLE and insert these declaration on the Table Head tag.

  2. After your Table Header closing tag, insert this declaration :

  3. Create a Table Row for the following data:

    Then another Table Data for the class = "summary"

A sample declaration:


Default layout


Customized layout

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