Thursday, March 7, 2019

Refund Customer Payment from an Invoice

Note: For CyberSource Gateway users, following steps will only be feasible when  Setup> Accounting> Payment Processing Profiles> View your Cybersource Profile> Allow Request ID to Meet Payment Card Field Requirements Checkbox is enabled. 

1. Pull up the Payment record > click Edit.

2. Under Apply tab > Invoices sub tab, unmark the Apply box beside the related Invoice.

3. Hit Save.

4. Access the Issue Customer Refund page. Navigate to Transactions > Customers > Issue Customer Refund.

5. Enter the Customer name and as well all other mandatory fields.

6. Under Apply tab > Credits sub tab, mark/check the Payment record and check if the amount is correct.

7. Under Refund Method tab, select the Refund Method.

If this is for Credit Card Refund:

8. Ensure that the Process Credit Card box is marked.

9. Copy the P/N Ref. number from the Payment record and paste it on the same field on the Customer Refund record > Refund Method tab.

10. Hit Save button.

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  1. What if I have multiple Invoice applied to Customer Payment and I have to refund for a particular Invoice.
    Thanks in Advance