Sunday, March 3, 2019

Remove - No Vendors - transactions in the A/P Aging Report

1.     Open the A/P Aging report under Reports > Vendors/Payables > A/P Aging.

2.     Click on the Amount on Total Open Balances column so that you will be taken to the A/P Aging Detail Report.

3.     Take note of the transactions and use Global Search to open the transactions.

4.     Edit the transactions.

5.     Assign a Vendor under the Name column on the A/P account line in the journal.

6.     Click Save.

7.     Create a journal entry with the following properties:

o    A/P account that is similar to the existing transaction with an opposite balance (if the existing is credit A/P, the new journal should have a debit A/P account.

o    Assign the same Vendor.


8.     Go to Transactions > Purchases/Vendors > Pay Single Vendor.

9.     Select the Vendor assigned in the previous transactions.

10.  Select the journals under the Apply tab.

11.  Hit Save.

NOTE: The accounting period of the existing transactions should still be Open to be able to edit them. A dummy Vendor can be assigned in the transactions if existing vendor records cannot be used.

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  1. how do you resolve this if the transaction was posted in prior period which is closed?