Thursday, March 28, 2019

Rename PST and GST Labels on PDF Layouts

This solution is applicable only to forms that employ Basic Printing. For more information, see Creating Custom Entry and Transaction Forms and review the Printing Type section.

1) Navigate to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms.

2. Customize or edit the preferred Invoice form.

3. Take note of the Print Template used in the form.

4. Under Printing Fields tab > Footer subtab, unmark the Tax Total and Total checkboxes. Doing this hides the Tax, Subtotal and Total amounts when invoices are printed.

5. Navigate to Customization > Forms > Transaction Form PDF Layouts.

6. Edit the PDF layout noted in Step 3.

7. Click Add Custom Element and add the following with your preferred label:

  • Subtotal = {subtotal}
  • GST = {taxtotal}
  • PST/HST = {tax2total}
  • Shipping = {shippingcost}
  • Total = {total}
8. After creating the custom elements, adjust the position for each as desired.

9. Click Save.

Print a sample invoice to validate the output.

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