Monday, March 4, 2019

Resolve Unexpected Error Message when Saving Changes to a Payroll Item

NetSuite Payroll Module only accepts several date formats for Payroll Item's Effective and Expiration Date. The system generates an Unexpected Error Message if the Date format used is incorrect. Below are the steps on how to resolve the error:

1.      Navigate to Home > Set Preferences > General tab

2.      Change the Date format to MM/DD/YYYY

3.      Click Save

4.      Navigate to Lists > Employees > Payroll Items > Edit

5.      Click Save


Other Acceptable date formats for the Payroll items:                                    


Note: An Overriding Preference might be enabled if the Date Format cannot be changed using the above steps. Please contact your System Administrator to disable the restriction or to modify the Date Format as Global Preference.

Setup > Company > General Preferences > Date Format = MM/DD/YYYY
Overriding Preferences > Date Format = F


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