Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Revert the status of item fulfillment from packed to picked

Users can do the following:

1. Click on the Edit button of the Item Fulfillment in question.
2. Change the value in the Status field from Packed to Picked.

1. The quantities will still be Committed on the Sales Order linked to the ItemFulfillment and the Quantity Available will still be the same.
2. There is nothing before the status of Picked. If you need to void the itemfulfillment, you may delete the transaction.

Additional Scenario:

Users may want to keep the item fulfillment but remove the quantitycommitted on the sales order. You can keep the Item Fulfillment but remove theitems committed on the sales order with any of the following options:

1. Delete the item fulfillment > Reallocate Items to movecommitted quantities to other open orders.

2. Keep the item fulfillment at Picked Status > 'Do Not Commit' theitem on the sales order.

i. Edit the sales order
ii. Locate the item you want to de-commit > Look for the 'Commit'column and select 'Do Not Commit'.
iii. A pop-up appears with the message 'Items on this line have been picked.Are you sure you want to modify it?' Click OK and save the sales order.
iv. Committed quantity changes to 0.
v. Quantity becomes back ordered.
vi. Note that the item is still picked.

3. Keep the item fulfillment at Picked Status > Close the SalesOrder.
i. Click the Close button on the Sales order or Click Edit >Locate the item/s > Check the box under the Closed column.
ii. This is feasible especially when the sales order is already billed.

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