Saturday, March 30, 2019

Saved Search to show Quantity Sold per Month with columns for Quantity On Hand, On Order, Committed, Back Ordered and Available

Customer found that one of the Standard Report that pulls out information about the total item sold is the Sales by Item Report. However, such report does not pulls out information about Quantity Back Ordered, an information that can be found on the Item Record.

The steps below will provide the information about the total quantity sold with columns for Quantity On Hand, On Order, Committed, Back Ordered and Available.

    1. Navigate to Transactions > Management > Saved Searches > New

    2. Select Transaction

    3. Under the Criteria subtab, enter the following:

        - Type is any of Cash Sale, Cash Refund, Credit Memo, Invoice, Item Fulfillment
        - Main Line is false
        - Shipping Line is false
        - Tax Line is false
        - Account Type is Income

    4. Under the Results tab, hit Remove All button and enter the following fields

           Field                                         Summary Type                         Function                             Formula
        - Item Fields... : Name                    Group
        - Item Fields... : Description            Group
        - Date                                          Group                                         Month
        - Formula (Numeric)                       Sum                                                                                    Sum({quantity})
        - Item Fields... : On Hand               Maximum
        - Item Fields... : On Order              Maximum 
        - Item Fields... : Committed            Maximum
        - Item Fields... : Back Ordered        Maximum
        - Item Fields... : Available               Maximum

    5. Available Filters

        - Date

    6. Edit Search Title and hit Save and Run

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