Sunday, March 10, 2019

Search for Items with Negative Bin Quantity and the Related Item Fulfillment

1. Navigate to Reports> Saved Searches> All Saved Searches> New.

2. Select Item as search type.

3. Assign a name on the Search Title field.

4. On the Criteria tab> Standard sub tab> Filter column, set the following:

a. Bin On Hand Count is less than 0

b. Transaction Fields…> Type is Item Fulfillment

c. Transaction Fields…> Tax Line is false (No)

d. Transaction Fields…> Shipping Line is false (No)

e. Transaction Fields…> COGS Line is false (No)

f. Formula (Numeric) equal to value 1 then copy-paste this formula:

Case When {transaction.binnumber}={binnumber}Then 1 Else 0 End.

5. On the Results tab> Columns sub tab, expose the following fields:

a. Name

b. Display Name

c. Description

d. Bin Number

e. Bin On Hand Count

f. Transaction Fields…>Number

g. Transaction Fields…> Transaction Bin Number

h. Transaction Fields…> Transaction Bin Quantity.

6. Hit Save & Run.

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