Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Search to Generate First Sales Order per Customer

1.    Navigate to Reports> Saved Searches> All Saved Searches> New

2.    Select Transaction as search type

3.    Assign a name on the Search Title field

4.    On the Criteria tab> Standard subtab> Filter column, add the following:

a.     Type is any of Sales Order

b.    Main Line is true (Yes)

c.     Customer/Project Fields> Date of First Order is within [select date range]

d.    Formula (Numeric) is equal to value 1 then copy-paste this formula:

case when {customer.firstorderdate}={trandate} then 1 else 0 end


5.    On the Results tab> Columns subtab, set the following:

a.     Name and set Summary=Group

b.    Customer/Project Fields> Date of First Order and set Summary Type=Group

c.     Amount (Transaction Total) and set Summary Type=Group


6.    Save & Run

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