Friday, March 29, 2019

Send a Notification to the Administrator when a Case is created for a Customer with Credit Hold using a Workflow

To create the Workflow:


1. Go to  Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New

2. Set the following:


Name: For example, "Send Email When Credit Hold"

Record Type: Case

Execute as Admin is checked

Release Status: Released

Event Based: On Create

Trigger Type: All

3. In the Condition section, select Custom Formula
4. In the Formula field, enter the following:

{company.creditholdoverride}='F' and {company.manualcredithold}='T'

5. Click Save
6. Click New State
7. Enter a Name then click Save
8. Click State 1 > New Action
9. Click Send Email
10. Set Trigger On = After Record Submit
11. In the Parameters > Sender section, mark Specific Sender and select the "From Name" that will appear in the notification.

Note: NetSuite will retrieve the Email Address of that person and will display it as the "From Email Address" in the Notification.


12. In the Parameters > Recipient section, mark Specific Recipient and select the name of the Administrator or of the user that will receive the notification.
13. In the Content section, mark Custom
14. Enter a Subject, for example:


 {company} is on Credit Hold


15. Enter a message in the Body field, for example:


Case {casenumber}: {title} was created for {company} even if it is on Credit Hold.


16. Click Save



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