Saturday, March 9, 2019

Serial Number Status Displays "On Order" and Prevents User from Fulfilling a Sales Order

In cases when the serialized inventory item has a positive quantity on hand but the serial number does not appear in the item fulfillment. It is also noticeable that the Status of the serial number displays On Order instead of Available.

To resolve this, user has to reload the last positive inventory transaction for the serial number. Below are the steps:

1. Edit the last positive inventory transactions where the serial number was user (e.g. Item Receipt, positive Inventory Adjustment, stand-along Bill, etc)
2. Slightly rename the serial number in question
3. Save
4. Edit the transaction again
5. Revert the serial number to the original value
6. Save

This should now reload the value in the Status field of the serial number record. User can then fulfill the sales order because the serial number will become available.


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