Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Set the Customer Service URL on the Homepage of Reference My Account

The Reference My Account homepage shows a clickable Customer Service link. To change the URL where clicking this link redirects to, the Configuration.js file may be edited to set your own link.


  1. Custom My Account folder is already populated with files copied from the Reference My Account folder.
  2. Setup > Site Builder > Set Up Web Site > Touch Points tab:
    Name: View Customer Center
    SSP Application: Custom My Account
  1. Go to Documents > Files > File Cabinet.
  2. Navigate to Web Site Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > SSP Applications > NetSuite Inc. - My Account > Custom My Account > js > src > app > Configuration.js.
  3. Edit the file and change the customerSupportURL below to your own link:

  4. Note that any link that does not start with the URL protocol (i.e. http or https) will result to the customerSupportURL being appended as a relative path. For example, https://checkout.na1.netsuite.com/c.XXXXX/MyAccount/index.ssp?sc=6&ext=F#/customerSupportURL. Use an absolute URL intead (e.g. http://www.mydomain.com/customerSupportURL).
  5. Save.

You may need to close all browser sessions and start a new one to check if the changes have taken effect.

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