Thursday, March 21, 2019

Shipping Label Integration Dropdown > UPS or FedEx not Available

The Shipping Label Integration dropdown list is dependent on the selected default shipping carrier on the Setup Shipping Page.  If UPS is selected, only UPS shipping Items will be listed on the Shipping Label Integration dropdown. Same goes for FedEx.

Users need to change temporarily the default shipping carrier on the Setup Shipping Page in order to select desired shipping item.


   1. Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Shipping > Default Shipping Carrier = change to UPS, if you wish to add UPS shipping Label Integration or Select FedEx /UPS / More if you wish to add FedEx and other shipping items > hit Save.

   2. Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Shipping Items > select Edit link next to Shipping Item.

   3. Shipping Label Integration Dropdown > mark the checkbox and select desired UPS / FedEx shipping item > hit Save.

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