Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The System Does Not Follow the “Starts With” Criteria as Basis for Displaying a List of Items in a Pop Up Window When Typing Keywords in The Line Item Level Of Transaction Forms

If the Item Name/Number field of an item record has been changed to a new one which includes keywords or characters of the item's original name when it was created; the system is able to pull up the item record even if these keywords or characters are not the starting alphanumeric characters of the new item name.

To Illustrate:

-Name of the item when initially created: Billabong Rash Guards

-Name of item when changed: 2013 Limited Edition Billabong Rash Guards

Normally, the system would only be able to suggest the items in the pop up window based on the "Starts With" criteria of search but in this case if you type in: Billabong; the new item name would appear in the pop up the list.

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