Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Transactions > Vendor with id = -3 is not available for selection in entity dropdown lists

1. Go toTransactions> Purchases/Vendors> Enter Bills

2. On the Vendor field click on Lists

Result: Vendor record is not on the list

3. Open the vendor record and check if the internal idis -3

According to issue 141150 by design this vendor recordis not intended for transaction and the way to resolve this is to create newvendor.

Vendor with internal id of -3 has been excluded fromentity selects since at least 2002.

This vendor record has an original name of-Accountant-. As for the Vendor record 'Accountant' with internal id -3, thisis actually a created Free Accountant role so that they have access to theAccounts. This is however no longer supported and is discontinued for neweraccounts.

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