Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Unable to select Lot Numbers on a transaction

Lot Numbers cannot be selected in a transaction if the Quantity on Hand is negative. Negative Lot Numbers are also not shown under the Inventory Details subtab of the Item Record. To verify, user can create a Saved Search to show Lot Numbers with negative quantities. Detailed steps as follows:

1.    Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Inventory Numbers.

2.    On the Criteria subtab, enter the following:



On Hand: less than 0

3.    On Results subtab, enter Number, On Hand and Available

4.    Enter a Search Title and hit Save.

As a resolution, user needs to create an Inventory Adjustment to increase the Quantity on Hand of the Lot Number. Since the Lot Number cannot be chosen from the Lot Numbers drop down, user needs to manually enter the Lot Number.

1.  Navigate to Transactions > Inventory > Adjust Inventory.

2.  Choose the Date, Adjustment Account and Adjustment Location.

3.  Choose the Lot Numbered Item to be adjusted.

4.  Enter value on the Adjust Qty By column.

5.  Manually enter the Lot Number.

      6.  Hit Save.

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