Friday, March 15, 2019

Unable to Update the Vendor ID of a Vendor Record>An Error Message Appears on Screen: You may only change the name from the Partner version of this record

When a Vendor record is created through the Other Relationships feature; the ID of  the Vendor record is dependent on the ID of the originating entity (Partner) where the Vendor record was created.

In order to change the Vendor ID; here are the steps that user can do:

-Edit the related Partner record and unmark the checkbox next to the Auto field.

-Enter the ID in the Partner ID field with what you intend to enter in the Vendor ID field.

-Hit Save button

Changes made in the Partner ID field will be carried over to the Vendor ID field


The same scenario also holds true if a Customer record is created from a Partner entity through the Other Relationships feature in the system.

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