Thursday, March 7, 2019

Update Employee Earnings through CSV Import

A. Prepare the CSV File with the following Columns:

    Employee (Employee ID or Internal ID)
    Default Hours 
    Effective Date
    Expiration Date
    Primary (Optional)
    Default (Optional)

B. Import Process:

   1.  Navigate to Setup>Import/Export>Import CSV Records

   2. Import Type= Employees; Record Type= Employees

   3. Browse for the CSV File. Click Next.

   4. Data Handling-Update. Click Next.
   5. For the Mapping just set the folloing fields: 

    Internal ID - Internal ID or Employee ID - Employee ID
    Earning - Payroll Earnings 1: Earning
    Rate - Payroll Earnings 1: Rate
    Default Hours - Payroll Earnings 1: Default Hours
    Effective Date - Payroll Earnings 1: Effective Date
    Expiration Date - Payroll Earnings 1: Expiration Date
    Primary - Payroll Earnings 1: Primary
    Default - Payroll Earnings 1: Default

   6. Click Next

   7. Save and Run






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