Sunday, March 31, 2019

User is getting a SAML error: "Your access has been deactivated on SAML SSO login even when user is active and has access"

  • Notice: "Your access to [companyname] has been deactivated. Please contact the company's administrator to re-activate your access" is received on login from IDP platform to NetSuite.

What to Check:

  • Verify if user has an active employee record (List > Employees > Employees) by checking the status on the employee record. Status should be "Active".
  • Verify if the role being used by user has SAML SSO Permission (Setup > Users / Roles > View Role of user) on the Permissions > Setup subtab on the role settings.


  • If permission and status of the user are verified okay and the error still persists, user may have an inactive duplicate employee records that still have access to the account. To resolve this, locate all inactive duplicate records of the user and remove the access by unchecking the Give Access checkbox under the Access sub-tab on those records.

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