Sunday, March 10, 2019

User require Events and Meetings synched from Outlook to NetSuite default to Public so any user can use this information in reports and saved searches

User create New Event in Outlook, the Show As will determine the Event Access in NetSuite.

The Private button under Appointment Menu in Outlook will not sync the Event in NetSuite as Private.  It will depend on the value set to Show As in Outlook.

Outlook (Show As)NetSuite (Event Access)
Free=        Private
Tentative=        Public
Busy =        Busy
Out of Office =        Public

To set "Show As" default to Public (in NetSuite) or "Tentative" (in Outlook), we need to create and publish a new Appointment/Event Form:

1.  In Outlook 2010.  Go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon
  • Under "Customize the Ribbon" on the right > Developer check box = True.
  • Click Ok.

2. Navigate to the Calendar folder and open the Calendar Folder you want to publish the form to. This makes it easier to publish the form because it gets published to the folder you are working on.

3. Create Custom Appointment Form
  • Open a new appointment form
  • Change "Show as" time as desired (E.g. select "Tentative")

4. Publish the form by using the Publish form command on the Developer ribbon

  • Select Developer > Publish > Publish Form
  • The default location should be calendar so you just need to enter a name for your form
  • Display Name = E.g. "Test Appointment"
  • Enter "Publish" button
5. Set the new form as default for new appointments
  • Calendar folder > select Folder > Calendar Properties > General
  • "When posting to this folder, use :" (Select the form "Test Appointment" from the dropdown to set it as default).
  • Click Apply and Ok.

6. Close Outlook then reopen

  • Select Calendar Folder
  • Notice new "Test Appointment" button
  • Select "Test Appointment"
  • Notice that Show As = Tentative


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