Friday, April 5, 2019

Adding Alternate Depreciation generates a warning: Alternate Asset Lifetime cannot exceed that of Asset Lifetime.

In a Fixed Asset record an Alternate Depreciation method is added and the following warning is received 'Alternate Asset Lifetime cannot exceed that of Asset Lifetime.'

If the Alternate Depreciation Asset Life (AL) value is greater than Asset Lifetime value of the Fixed Asset the warning is received.

To resolve this warning below are the two options available:

1. The Alternate Depreciation Asset Life (AL) must be less than that of the Asset.
2. Disable the Fixed Asset Management setting Constrain Alternative Asset Life. To do this:
            a. Login as Administrator.
            b. Navigate to Fixed Assets > Setup > System Setup.
            c. Go to the Settings subtab.
            d. Set Constrain Alternative Asset Life = False.
            e. Click Save.

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