Saturday, April 13, 2019

Apply a journal entry to a vendor bill > Both transactions are not shown on New Bill Payment page

If a user needs to apply a journal entry to a vendor bill, both transactions should have the same A/P Account. If a user cannot see these two transactions on New Bill Payment page, user should do the following steps:

1.    Open the vendor record.

2.    Under Financial tab, verify the Primary Currency.

3.    Open both bill and journal entry records. Verify the Currency.

If the vendor Primary Currency is different from the currency used on bill and journal entry, both transactions will not be shown on the New Bill Payment page.

For example, vendor Currency is AUS while transaction Currency is US Dollar.

User has the following option:

1. Change the Primary Currency of the supplier record to US Dollar.
2. Change the Currency of the bill and journal entry to AUS.

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