Monday, April 8, 2019

Auto-populate Credit Card Details When Issuing Refund from a Return Authorization if there is No Default Credit Card Set in the Customer Record

Below are the steps to get the credit card details from sale capture to automatically populate when issuing a refund from a Return Authorization:

1. Access the Cash Sale.

2. Click the Authorize Return button.

3. In the New Return Authorization page, set the Custom Form to Standard Return Authorization - Cash (or a customized form created from this).  Save.

4. Click the Receive button.

-Check the item returned and set the Location.

-Save. This transaction will have an impact to Inventory. 

5. Go back to the Return Authorization.

6. Click the Refund button.

7. In the New Cash Refund page, go to the Billing tab.

-Credit card details from the Cash Sale automatically populates including the P/N Ref.

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