Thursday, April 25, 2019

Best Practice before setting Location Record as Inactive

Before setting Location Records as Inactive, users need to consider all related records or entities. Here is a basic checklist of what needs to be considered.

1. Inventory Items should not have any quantity under these Locations. If you set Locations as Inactive even if there are quantities on them, the Inventory Reports will continue to show these quantities and will not tie up with what is shown on the Item Records. Location Classifications on the Item Records should also be changed to show active Location.

2. Open Transactions should be updated. They should not be under these Locations. Once these Locations are set as Inactive and you process the Open Transactions, you will receive Invalid Reference Key Errors.

3. Entity Records such but not limited to Vendors, Customer and Employees should also be updated since the Location Classifications would default to their related transactions.

4. Take note that Inactivating a Location Record would also make the Child Location records under it to be inactive as well.

Note: At any point user encounters a problem related to Inactive Locations, they can opt to temporarily set the Locations as Active then revert back once the transaction has already been processed.

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