Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Canada / International Editions (Advanced Taxes disabled) > Ability to set default Item record > Acccounting tab > Purchase and Sales Tax Codes


·        NetSuiteCanada Edition or International Editions with Advanced Taxes= False under Setup > Company> Enable Features > Tax tab

·        Navigateto Lists > Accounting > Items >New

·        ChooseItem Type > example: Assembly Item

·        ViewAccounting tab

·        ActualResult:

Purchase Tax Code and (Sales) Tax Code fields have null values

·        Requestthe ability to have default values entered in these fields for newly createditems and not have to import the field values or enter them manually



·        Enhancement 155253 has been filed for "Manually create / CSV import newItem record > Request the ability for the system to set default Purchase andSales Tax Codes "


Alternate Solution:
Create a Workflow to set the default values

1.    Navigate to Setup > Customization >Workflow> New

2.    Set:

Name = Default Tax Schedule Items

Record Type = Items

Sub Types = item typeswhere workflow will be applied to (i.e. Inventory Part)

Execute As Admin = True

Release Status = Released/ Testing

Event Bases = True

On Create = True

On Update = True

Trigger Type = Before Record Load

Event Type = Create and Edit

3.    Hit the Save button

4.    Create a State

a.     Click on the New State button

b.    Set Name = Default Tax Code

c.     Hit the Save button

5.    Create Action

a.     Click the State created

b.    Click on the New Action button

c.     Click on Set Field Value

d.    Basic Information portlet:

Set Trigger On = Entry

Set Event Type = Create and Edit

e.    Parameters portlet:

Set radio buttonunder Static Value

Set Field = Tax Schedule

Set Selection = YourPreferred Tax Schedule

f.      Hit the Save button

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