Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Case Saved Search > use System Notes Criteria to exclude Cases where the Priority has not changed

The Priority field on Cases isn't listed in the System Notes unless it has been changed. (If users set the Priority field during Case creation, the System Notes do not record that as a change.) To exclude Cases with no change to the initial Priority set on a Case, users can create a summary Saved Search with formulas as below.


1. Reports > Saved searches > All saved searches > New > Cases.

2. Criteria tab > Summary subtab:
- Summary Type = Sum
- Field = Formula (Numeric)
- Formula = case when {systemnotes.field} = 'Priority' then 1 else 0 end. (Set the Formula (Numeric) "equal to" Value "0".

3. Results tab with Summary Type:
- Number (Group)
- Status (Maximum)
- Priority (Maximum)

4. Save & Run.


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