Sunday, April 14, 2019

Case Status with a Closed Stage is showing in the list of Open Cases

To better understand how this issue occurs, see the steps below.

1. Navigate to Setup > Support > Case Statuses > New. Enter a name in the Case Status field e.g., Verified Fix. Set Stage = Open. Save.

2. Create a new case (Lists > Support > Cases > New) and set Status to Verified Fix. Save. Let's name it case A.

3. Go back to Setup > Support > Case Statuses > Edit Verified Fix and change the Status field from Open to Closed.

4. Create another case and set Status to Verified Fix. Save. Let's name it case B.

5. Run a saved search for cases with Stage = Open.
Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New. Select Case as the Search Type.

In the Criteria tab, add Stage field, any of Open and click Set. Save & Run.

Case A is listed in the search results. This is because case A was created when the Case Status Verified Fix is set to Stage Open.

To resolve this issue, perform a mass update on the case status.

Steps to Resolve:
1. Navigate to Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates > General Updates > Case.
In the Filter drop down field, select Status is Verified Fix.
3. Go to Mass Update Fields tab and check the box for Status and select the same status Verified Fix.
4. Click Perform Upda

Run the same saved case search and notice that case A is no longer listed in the search results.

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