Thursday, April 18, 2019

Create Credit Memo to reverse shipping / handling cost from Invoice or Cash Sale


        Credit backpartial or full amount of Shipping Costor Handling Cost found in the Shipping tab of the customer salestransaction (Invoice or Cash Sale) only without crediting anyother items in the sales transaction

        User is notpermitted to save a Credit Memo with only the Shipping tab filledup

        User isrequired to enter an item in the Items tab of the Credit Memo

        User is notpermitted to use the items found in Lists > Accounting > ShippingItems as line items in the Credit Memo



Option 1:

        Check the GLImpact of the sales transaction

        Take note ofthe credited account for the Shipping / Handling

        Create a shippingitem

        Navigate to Lists> Accounting > Items > New

        Choose betweenOther Charge for Sale and Other Charge for Resale

        Enter theshipping / handling account in the Income Account field of the Accountingtab in the item record

        Create a CreditMemo

        Navigate to Transactions > Customers > IssueCredit Memos

        Enter the OtherCharge item in the Itemstab

        Make sure thatthere is no Shipping / Handling Cost entered in the Shippingtab of the Credit Memo

        Save the Credit Memo

        The GL Impactof the Credit Memo should now show a Debit to the shipping/handling account and Credit tothe Accounts Receivable account

Option 2:

        Set Quantity= 0 on the Credit Memo's Items tab > Items sub tab

        Enter the Shipping / Handling Cost under the Shipping tab

        Save the Credit Memo

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