Friday, April 26, 2019

Create a Custom Field for Images and Resize to Specific Dimension

The size of an Image field displayed in NetSuite records depends on its resolution it has no option to assign a specific pixel width and height. High resolution images occupy more area. What user can do is to create a rich text field instead and resize the image by entering specific width and height (in pixels).


Here are the steps (on a customer record for example):


1.  Create a custom rich text field

       Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records & Fields >  Entity Fields > New

       Set the following:


          -  Label  = Enter the field label 

          -  Type =  Rich Text 

          -  Applies To : Customer = T



2. Edit a customer record to enter image URL, width and height values in the custom rich text field


       On the rich text, click the HTML button to switch to Source Edit Mode

       Enter value this value: <img src="insert image URL here" width="xx" height="xx"'>

        ( Replace xx with desired width and height in pixels)

       Switch back to Formatted Edit Mode to preview

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