Friday, April 19, 2019

Create a Filtered Mass Update Based on Last Sales Activity


1.    Navigate to List > Mass Update > Mass Updates and select the record you want to mass update. (For example, go to General Updates > Customer if you want to mass update Customer records.)


2.    On the Criteria tab, click in the Filter column and select 'Last Sales Activity Fields…'. 

Note:   The option will appear toward the bottom of the list, alphabetized with all other joined record search options.

3.    A popup will appear that allows you to select the Last Sales Activity field you want to enter as criteria.  Select the appropriate field for the conditions you want to apply.  If you are creating a criteria based on the Last Sales Activity date, select Last Sales Activity.

4.    If you want to include Last Sales Activity in the search results, click the Results tab.


5.    Within the Columns subtab, click in the Field column and select the 'Last Sales Activity Fields …' option.

6.    In the field selection popup that appears, select the Last Sales Activity field you want to include as a result column.  To add the Last Sales Activity date, select 'Last Sales Activity'.


7.    Within the Mass Update Fields tab, enter your mass update specifications.

8.    Click Save to save the mass update or Preview to view the records that match the entered criteria.



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