Monday, April 22, 2019

Create Saved Search to Track Duplicate Sales Order with Same Custom Field values

In some situations, User creates a custom field on Sales Order form to track orders besides NetSuite's standard Order Number/ID field. If the value in this field is entered manually and there is no mechanism to auto populate this field, there is a possibility that it may have duplicate values. Following saved search enables the user to find duplicate Sales Orders having the same custom field value.

In the following example, the custom field used to demonstrate this is called 'Store Front Order#'.

1. Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New
2. Select Transaction link
3. Set the following under Criteria tab > Standard subtab:

  • Type = Sales Order
  • Main Line = True;

4. Set the following under Criteria tab > Summary subtab:

  • Summary Type = Count
  •  Field = Internal ID

  • Description = greater than 1

4. Under Results tab > Columns subtab, add following fields:

  • Store Front Order # || Summary Type = Group
  • Internal ID || Summary Type = Count

-- Sort By: Store Front Order #

5. Enter a Search Title

6. Click Save & Run


This is also applicable to other standard fields such as PO #, Order # and others where the value is entered manually.

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