Saturday, April 6, 2019

CSV Import: Journal Entry > To set the Status to Pending Approval instead of Approved for Posting

Users can set Status to Pending Approval if under Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > General tab > General Ledger section > Require Approvals on Journal Entries is enabled. If not, the Approved field will not be visible on the field-mapping page.

1.    Create the CSV Import File with the necessary column headers/values:










-Posting Period

-Approved = Should be set to 'No' or 'False'


**Note: Users may add or remove column headers depending on which fields need to be filled out upon import.


2.    Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records.

-Import Type = Transactions

-Record Type = Journal Entry

-Character Encoding = Western (Windows 1252)

-Select One file to upload


-Data Handling = Add


-Map the fields accordingly

--Approved = Approved (Users may also click on the small pencil icon beside the Approved field and click on the radio button = No)


-Enter an Import Map Name

-Click Save & Run


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