Saturday, April 20, 2019

Customer Profitability report: Total Revenue does not tally the Drill Down Detail Report Total

The discrepancy in Total Revenue (Summary vs. Detail) relates to the shipping and handling costs charged to sales transactions. By system design, the Customer Profitability Summary report takes up shipping and handling costs in the Total Revenue column.  However, the Drill Down Total Revenue uses the Sales by Customer Detail report, where users have the preference to include or exclude shipping and handling costs.

To verify the preference:
1. Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences.

2. Navigate to Items/Transactions tab > Sales & Pricing section > locate "Include Shipping in Sales and Forecast Reports".

The Drill Down Total Revenue will tie up the amount per Customer Profitability Summary only when the above preference is enabled.

Note: The ability to exclude Shipping in the Customer Profitability Summary report is currently tracked under Enhancement 62443.

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