Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Display an Alert Message when a User Submits Online Form

User can follow these steps to display a message/pop alert to the customer when they submit an online customer form:

1. Create an Online Customer Form by navigating to Setup > Marketing > Online Customer Forms > New
2. Create a .js file (JavaScript)
3. Paste sample alert code into the .js file

4. Upload .js file to file cabinet under SuiteScripts folder
5. Edit file in file cabinet > check Available Without Login > Save
6. Navigate to Setup > Marketing > Online Customer Forms > edit Customer Form
7. Custom Code tab > Select script in Script File
8. Set clientSaveRecord for Save Record Function Field > Save

The user should now see an alert/pop up message when the user submits the online form

Sample Code

NetSuite Inc. may provide sample code in SuiteAnswers,the Help Center, User Guides, or elsewhere through help links. All such samplecode is provided as is and as available, for use only with anauthorized NetSuite Service account, and is made available as a SuiteCloudTechnology subject to the SuiteCloud Terms of Service at www.netsuite.com/tos.

NetSuite may modify or remove sample code at any timewithout notice.


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