Monday, April 8, 2019

Expose Custom Form field on a Transaction Saved Search

Currently, the ability to expose the Custom Form with Internal ID: {customform} in a Transaction Saved Search is not possible and is filed as Enhancement# 215938. However, since this is logged on the System Notes then users can use this in exposing the value stored in this field.

To create a Saved Search where Transaction Type, Date, Number and Custom Form fields are exposed on the results tab:

1.    Navigate to Transactions>Management>Saved Searches>New

2.    Select Transaction

3.    On the Criteria tab add System Notes Fields : Field = Custom Form

4.    On the Results tab add the following fields:

·         Type where Summary Type = Group

·         Date where Summary Type = Group

·         Number where Summary Type = Group

·         System Notes Fields : New Value where Summary Type = Maximum and When Ordered By Field = System Notes Fields : Date

5.    On the Available Filters tab set Default Text Field Filter = is then on the filters add System Notes Fields : New Value and check the Show in Footer box

6.    Hit Preview or Save and Run

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