Friday, April 5, 2019

Generate Customer Price List with Additional Customer Information through Saved Search

There are instances when users want to use Saved Search to generate a Price List for their Customers. This is primarily importantwhen they want to include additional Customerinformation on the results because the GeneratePrice List function on the CustomerRecord has limited information to display. To create the Saved Search:

  1. Navigate to Transactions>Management>SavedSearches>New
  2. Select Customers
  3. On the Criteriatab add Formula(Numeric) = CASE WHEN ({itempricinglevel} ={pricing.pricelevel}) AND ({pricingitem} = {pricing.item}) THEN 1 ELSE 0 ENDis equal to 1
  4. On the Resultstab add the following fields: Name, PricingItem, PriceLevel and PricingFields>Unit Price
  5. Hit Previewor Save and Run

The Saved Searchwill display the Customer, Item, Price Level and the associated UnitPrice. Note that this Saved Searchdoes not include any Items where PriceLevel = Custom. Users can change the column header by entering Custom Label no the Results tab. 

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