Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Guidelines for CSV Import on Demand Planning

Demand Planning supports the ability to create the Item Demand Plan through CSV Import instead of the system calculation. This is extremely important for customers who have third party software to calculate their MRP but still uses NetSuite in the ordering process. Below are some of the guidelines for doing a CSV Import for Item Demand Plan:

1.    Plan End Date is not required and the default is Dec 31 of the current year

2.    View field is not case sensitive

3.    Only one Item Demand Plan for an Item per Location per Subsidiary can be imported

4.    You can only use the first of the month as Start Date when View = Monthly

5.    You can only use the first date (Sunday or Monday depending on user preference) of the week when View = Weekly or View = Daily

6.    Day of Week is required when View = Daily and should be blank when View = Weekly or Monthly

7.    Maximum span for Plan Start Date and Plan End Date is for 3 years

8.    Per CSV file, only one View field type can be assigned (i.e. Weekly, Monthly, Daily)

9.    Setting Quantity = 0 is not allowed (Alternate Solution: Quantity = empty)

10.  Plan End Date should always be greater than or equal to Plan Start Date

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