Monday, April 15, 2019

Include Items on Generated Sitemap XML

Use the Sitemap Generator to create an XML site map file for search engine optimization (SEO) and to create an HTML version of the site map to display on your Site Builder web site.

  • The XML file lists a URL for each tab, category, and item published to the web site, along with additional information about the priority of each page and how often the site map changes. User can include HTML pages that are hosted in the file cabinet.

It is very important that google indexes all of the pages so that customers looking for those specialized products find the website. If not, they may end up on competitor's website causing loss of sales.

To make sure items are included in the Sitemap's XML:

1. On Lists > Accounting > Items > Item Record > Web Store tab:
- make sure that Exclude From Sitemap check box is unchecked

2. Verify if the Category (Lists > Website > Categories) where the item(s) is/are attached have the following settings:

a. Not excluded from the sitemap
b. Display in Web Site is checked.

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