Monday, April 8, 2019

Invoices that have not been emailed

Saved Search of Invoices that have not been emailed, filtered by time frame:

1. Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Transaction
2. On Criteria subtab > Standard sublist:
a. Type = Invoice
b. Main Line = true
c. Formula (Text) > On pop up window set following fields:
i. Formula = {messages.isemailed}
ii.Formula(Text) = is empty
d. Add any other criteria to narrow down the results (e.g. Date)
3. On Results subtab:
a. Choose columns to be displayed in results (e.g. Name, Date, Number, Amount,…)
b. (OPTIONAL step) Add Formula(Text) and set Formula column = Case when {messages.isemailed} is null then 'No Email Sent' end
4. On Available Filters subtab (OPTIONAL step):
a. Date | Show in Footer = Yes
b. Add additional filters according to business needs
5. Save

The Saved Search returns not emailed Invoices and gives overview to user what Invoices should be communicated.

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