Friday, April 19, 2019

Item Sales Description is not showing on printed Picking Ticket

1. Check the Sales Description field on the Item record > Sales/Pricing tab > Sales section. This field should be populated.


2. Check the Sales Order Form.

- Navigate to Setup > Customization > Transaction Forms.

- Edit the preferred sales order form.

- Under Screen Fields tab > Columns sub tab, mark the Show checkbox for Description field.

- Under Printing Fields tab > Columns sub tab, mark the Print/Email checkbox for Description field.


 Note: If the Advanced PDF/HTML (Beta) Templates feature is enabled in the system, the Printing Type = Basic for the Printing Fields tab to show in the Custom Transaction Form details.


3. Pull up the sales order record and verify if the item description is correctly populated on the Description field.

Picking Ticket pulls up information based on the sales order. Thus, if the sales order record shows no value under the Items tab > Description field, then no item description will be printed on the Picking Ticket form.


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