Sunday, April 28, 2019

Make the Sales Rep Field Default to Blank When Creating New Opportunities

To set the Sales rep field to blank whenever you create an Opportunity, Workflow is required. Please see the resolution below:

1.  Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New.

2. Basic Information
  • Name= Opportunity: Set Sales Rep to Blank
  • Record Type= Opportunity
  • Release Status=Released

3. Event Definition.

  • On Create=T
  • Trigger Type=Before Record Load
  • Event Type=Create

4. Save.

5. Under Diagram, hit State 1

6. Under Actions> Hit New Action> Hit Set Field Value

7. Parameters> Field=Sales Rep

8. Value> Tick Formula> Set value to {salesrep} is 0 

9. Hit Save

Two ways to test:

  • View any Customer Record assigned to a Sales Rep> Sales> Opportunities> New Opportunity> Notice that on the Opportunity Form, the Sales Rep field is blank even if there's an assigned Sales Rep.
  • Transactions> Sales> Create Opportunities> In the Company field, select one with an assigned Sales rep> Notice that the Sales Rep field didn't populate.

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