Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Netsuite Web Services Namespaces

When Web Services users are using SOAP application such as that of SOAPUI, knowing where to get the correct namespace for elements and attributes is important.

The user can see the namespace through the following steps:

1. Access the SuiteTalk Schema Browser through the link below:

2. Find the record that they are interested to and click the corresponding link for it.

3. Under the label of the record, they will see the namespace:

4. Note that the part after the 'urn:' changes. In general the format of the namespace for Netsuite is:
 'urn:  <xsd >.<type>'.

For 2013.2 and previous versions, the format of the namespace is:

 'urn:  <xsd >_<version>_<record>'.

See the sample schema for an older version below:

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