Sunday, April 7, 2019

"Notice: Bill Variance Account is missing" even if there are variance accounts set on Item Record

One of the solutions for the error message Notice: Bill Variance Account is missing is to add a variance account on the item record. However, cases may happen if the item already has a variance account set under the Accounting tab, the error message may still persist if at the creation of the Purchase Order or Bill, there are no variance accounts for the items.

The behavior of the system is to enter a transaction on the Post Vendor Bill Variance page once a variance occurs. The transactions that received the notice that had no variance accounts upon creation of the transaction would need to create an action that will trigger the system to recognize that the new accounts were set on the item record. 

To eliminate this message, open and edit the item record. Under the Accounting tab, take note of the Variance account, and change them to different accounts then save. After doing so, edit again the item record, bring the original variance accounts and save.

Then navigate again to Transactions > Purchases/Vendors > Post Vendor Bill Variances, select the purchase order or bill and hit create Journal Entries.

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