Friday, April 26, 2019

ODBC Error: You do not have permissions to use ODBC. Please contact your account administrator for assistance

1. The user logging in does not have the Suite Analytics Connect permission added to his/her role. To properly add this permission, a NetSuite administrator must do the following steps:
    a. Login to NetSuite
    b. Go to the employee record of the user receiving this error.
    c. Under the Access tab, click on the role indicated on the record.
    d. Edit the role.
    e. Under Setup, add the Suite Analytics Connect permission.
    f. Save the role.

2. If the user is still receiving the same error, the Administrator can verify if the Data Source is referencing to the correct host. For example, the host referenced by the data source might be '' but the correct endpoint must be ''. The admin can go to the ODBC Data Source Administrator and check if the correct host is saved.

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