Wednesday, April 24, 2019

OneWorld: Nexus is not shown on the Pay Sales Tax Page

If a nexus is not available on the dropdown on the Pay Sales Tax page (Transactions>Bank>Pay Sales Tax) but the Tax Codes for that Nexus are available, chances are the Nexus was either set to inactive or it was not defined on the Nexuses tab of the subsidiary.  Tax Codes will appear on the page on this scenario even if the Nexus was missing on the dropdown if the customer on the transaction has a Tax Item specified on its record.

To make the Nexus appear on the Nexus dropdown:

--Setup > Company > Subsidiaries.
--Edit the subsidiary.
--Go to Nexuses tab, add the Nexus then Save.


--Go to Lists > Accounting > Nexuses.
--Check the Show Inactives box.
--Make sure that the nexus is not inactive by unchecking the Inactive box then Submit.


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