Monday, April 29, 2019

Only Employees Show As Event Attendees in NetSuite iPhone Application

By default, when setting an event, the screen will show Employees as attendees.

Here is an important setting (prerequisite) if user wants to send event invites other than employees.

Using a regular Internet browser:
1. Log in to NetSuite
2. Under Home tab, click Set Preferences
3. Click Activities
4. Restrict Invitees to Employees = F

Using an iPhone, follow these instructions:

1. Log in to NetSuite for iPhone application
2. Tap Calendar menu
3. Tap the plus icon to add
4. Tap Event
5. Create an event then tap Save
6. Tap the Menu bar > Attendees
7. Tap Edit
8. Tap the plus icon to add
9. Tap Send Invitation To 
10. Tap the filter (funnel icon) located at the top left corner on the screen
11. User should now be able to choose between Employees, Customer, Groups, Etc.

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