Sunday, April 14, 2019

Prevent nlapiRequestURL Connection Issue

Below is an example of a robust script which contacts and retries up to 4 if the initial connection fails.  It also logs the different types of connection failures.  The following are different types of problems that this script will help mitigate:

  • A low level networking problem (Eg lost TCP packets during the handshake which sets up the initial connection)
  • An HTTP time out (Eg the application server being contacted took too long responding or stopped responding)
  • An invalid URL being used
  • SuiteScript taking too long to execute
  • The SuiteScript usage limit being exceeded 

This doesn't guarantee that there will not be problems connecting to a 3rd party server but it will greatly increase the rate of success.

If other HTTP headers besides status code 200 are acceptable then add them as well in the else if statement below (Eg 204 No Content - which indicates that the server has received the request but is returning no content).

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