Thursday, April 18, 2019

Receive an unexpected error message when processing a credit card transaction using Merchant e-Solutions > Error Code 097

If a user is unable to process credit card transaction using Merchant e-Solutions, check if the Error DB contain the below information:

-       DESCRIPTION: Merchant eSolutions Failure: reasonCode=097, response={auth_code=000000, error_code=097, avs_result=0, transaction_id=50d88909758f39298704b230b1c76445, auth_response_text=Trident Error}, reasonCodeMessage=

This is a payment switch and authorization issue. Merchant e-Solutions suggests that we escalate this to the MeS Certification Team. Customer may contact MeS directly at phone number 888- 288-2692.

For more information about Merchant e-Solutions Authorization Switch Error Codes, access this link:

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