Thursday, April 4, 2019

Remove Menu Items from the Create New Menu

Remove "Create New" shortcut from Menu


The CreateNew shortcut – (the green icon/piece of paper with the plus sign) is availableon existing Entity and Transaction records and provides context-sensitiveoptions to create different records linked to the current record. This has asimilar function as the "Create New" button on the record's subtab.

  • Click "Personalize" - the link at the end of the 'Create New' menu, which allows selecting the options, which should be displayed.
  • Customize the form to not display the button "Create New" by hiding the subtab which contains this button.
  • Customize the role by removing the create permission for the type of record for which the option is displayed.


Important Notes:

(1) hiding the button by SuiteScript, willnot also remove the entry from the 'Create New' menu.)

(2) CreateNew menu will be displayed only if there are options to be shown under it.

(3) if the Role used to log in, does not haveany create permissions for the context-sensitive records, the 'Create New' menuwill not be displayed.

(4)  Some options are not connected tothe 'Create' permission, but you can 'Edit':

'Email'. In order to remove the role'spermission to create a new email, please set the Track Messages permission toView.

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