Saturday, April 13, 2019

Restrict a Shipping Item from Being Available for Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii in the Web Store

1. Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Shipping Items.

2. Click Edit next to the Shipping Item.

3. Check the Display in Web Site box.

4. Under the Shipping Rules tab (Shipping and Handling Rules tab if Charge Handling Separate from Shipping is enabled) > Shipping Restrictions section, set the following:

a. In the Countries field, select United States.

b. Make sure Exclude box is unchecked.

c. In the States field, select all preferred States except Alaska and Hawaii.

5. Save.

Note : If no State is selected, then the shipping item is available in all States. If one or more States are selected, then the State/s selected are those that item can be shipped to.

Additional Note:

1. This functionality is applied to US only.

2. This relates to web store only

Additional Information is available in SuiteAnswers ERP: General Shipping Enhancements - Part 3 | Answer Id: 31938

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